Best Date Ideas

During weekday evenings or weekend lovers have the opportunity to finally spend more time together. Occasional meetings for lunch and short talk on the phone do not count. You will have several hours alone and it's time to decide what you are going to do on your date. Read some ideas for a date and select the one that you like the most.

If you and your man enjoys spending time actively, for example, strolling through the parks or wandering through the old streets of the city, then combine business with pleasure. Take a camera with you. The phone camera will not do. As an idea you can create your unique vision of your native city. You do not have to explore it back and forward it is quite enough to visit couple streets to capture the beauty of street in fall. Do not forget to be photographed together. Ask passers-by to take a picture of you together or invite friends for a walk with you. It might not be a romantic date for two but it will be fun to take pictures and look for new ideas where to take them.

Visiting pool or Water Park is a great idea for a date. Suppose it might not sound very romantic but where else your loved one will see you in a beautiful bathing suit? Waterproof makeup, firm hair styling and a beautiful swimming costume will bring to your date some charm of novelty. In addition playing in the pool is not forbidden. Make the best of it, recall that once you were kids and swimming in the pool was fun rather then sport. After the pool if you are hungry head to the nearest cafe and order a large pizza or spaghetti with cola. Not healthy, so be it! You have already burned lots of calories. You will have a great pleasure! Shopping is considered a favorite pastime of the fair sex but men enjoy it just as much especially if its purpose is buying new clothes for men. If you've always wanted to gladden yourself and your lover with something new then arrange to meet at the shopping mall under condition that you have to buy each other something interesting.

This could be a scarf, hat, jacket or belt. Discuss the purchase price in advance and boldly go shopping but do not forget to send each other to fitting with things you liked. At the end of the date each of you will get a new article of clothing or accessory and therefore a good mood as well. If it is a lovely autumn day however windy then suggest your beloved an original idea for a date. Go to check out local cafes and bars. In the first one order a hot chocolate in the second a mulled wine and in the third ask bartender to make you a special autumn cocktail. Choose a few streets near the city center so you will enjoy a walk without freezing. Perhaps during this exploration you will find a cozy romantic place which will become a favorite sport for your dates.

Date does not necessarily have to be private. There are many ways to spend time in the city at a minimum costs. This can be walking or bus tour around the city or a ride on the tour tram. You'll probably like the idea of checking online the list of theater productions and performances and go to see some comedy. You do not have to spend the whole day getting ready for a theater. Tickets can be purchased just before the show. If you want to stay alone at home a game "question - the answer" is another interesting idea for a date. Buy a bottle of wine or a nice beer, cook a few snacks and make yourself comfortable on a couch.

Ask each other different questions but only under one condition that the answers have to be funny while the questions are not serious. You should not touch intimate or uncomfortable topics. Let the evening be remembered by laughs, taste of wine and kisses. Cooking together is not a bad idea for a date. Buy a set of sushi, fish, vegetables, soy sauce and confidently proceed with the culinary magic. Prepare a huge plate of Japanese delicacies and take with you to watch a good comedy. At the same time you will inevitably plunge into good memories and it will pop up a lot of interesting topics for conversation. For those who do not like sushi to find a decent alternative is not a problem! You can quickly and easily prepare such snacks as canopy, hot sandwiches, cocktails and drinks. You can find recipes and buy ingredients without any problem!

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