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Ok Free Dating is one of the best dating sites in Internet. Ok Free Dating is NOT for entertainment! It is the dating site for marriage, creating a family and a serious relationship. It is for making acquaintances in USA, Europe, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia and other countries of your choice. If you want to find a real love and family happiness, but not light-minded exchange of letters and self-deception, our dating site is for you! We work for you to find your true love! There are both free and paid services on our site. That is why it would be wrong to call our site “absolutely free dating site”. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact our manager, who is accessible in a online live chat 24/7.

Our long-term experience of work in sphere of online dating has shown that if you want to find one real and prospective partner, with whom you would have something in common, about several hundreds or even thousands of people have to look through your profile! Most of them are too lazy to read your profile, so they simply browse through photos. So, when choosing photos for your profile, try to look at them from the side of a stranger. It doesn’t matter if a photo is professional or amateur, because your partner has to see your face in the first place. You shouldn’t upload family or group photos as a whole, it is enough to cut the part with you on the photo (the details of your face should be clearly visible).

Internet dating is a relatively new phenomenon in our life. People older than 30 years old sometimes even don’t know what online dating is. On the other hand, the youth uses achievements of information technologies to the utmost. Internet dating was an “exotic fruit” just several years ago. Today the phrase “I’ve met him in Internet” is quite common.

To begin with, online dating is a choice. And the choice is vast. Can you make the acquaintance of a man or a woman while driving in a car? There are more people in night clubs, but if you are a 40 years old man/woman, many visitors of night clubs will simply be too young for you. Thousands of men and women want to make new acquaintances on our online dating site, and they want to meet you. That said, dating sites are useful not only because of a vast choice, but also because of handy search tools, which help you to make your choice. You will find such opportunities only in Internet.

Some people complain of callousness of Internet communication. Yes, in truth, only 30% of information is transferred by speech; the rest 70% is transferred by voice timbre, body language and gestures. It appears that we can say much lesser in Internet than in real life. Maybe, there is an element of truth in this statement. But, on the other hand, there are thousands of ways to transfer emotions and mood. Remember about smiley faces! And won’t a funny photo of your interlocutor liven you up at the end of a working day? The main thing here is to take an imaginative approach to communication. Then limitedness of Internet regarding transfer of emotions won’t be an obstacle for you to enjoy online dating.


Marina, single woman in Russia
Russian woman
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Italy woman
Alia, dating in Ukraine
Ukraine woman
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